Apr 20, 2011

How to Personal Brand Yourself on Twitter

If you have been reading my posts, you would know that I have a Personal Learning Project that centers on Personal Branding on Twitter.  My goal was to create @CHANELspeaks, tweet about celebrity news, and work on establishing credibility with the help of the amount of followers as well as tweets with the latest news.

March 2nd marks the birth of @CHANELspeaks and I had until April 20th to gain 100+ followers. Considering I had made an account last year (just so I could see if my Public Relations teacher was going to be on time to class), and had only 22 followers, I just didn't see the point in Twitter and wondered who would even want to follow me. However, with my new perspective on Twitter and how it can benefit myself from furthering my understanding of the power of social media tools to being a major plus on my resume made me rethink Twitter.
With @CHANELspeaks, I tweet about celeb news which is basically what my life revolves around and to my surprise I was able to gain 104 followers.  My dedication in delivering news has helped me get a start for personally branding myself as a celebrity tweeter and I plan on doing nothing but grow from this experience. 

On Twitter, @DerCarlosMo, aka Carlos Morales, tweets about the latest news in celebrities, fashion, and more.  With currently 156 followers, he is gaining a Twitter presence with his personality shining through the tweets and by tweeting the latest breaking news.

He so kindly agreed to an interview via Twitter but you can read the interview right here on Carlos Morales' tips on how he is personal branding himself on Twitter. (Keep in mind since it was on Twitter, the questions and answers are brief and to the point!)

@CHANELspeaks: @DerCarlosMo, how did you gain a presence on Twitter?

@DerCarlosMo: well i think it's not difficult, is just a blog where you publish what you want and shows part of your personality ;)

@CHANELspeaks: What a perfect answer! @DerCarlosMo & how long did it take you to reach so many followers?

@DerCarlosMo: how long? I think two months.. I wasn't interested at first, but over time i've become addicted to it! ;)

@CHANELspeaks: I was the same way @DerCarlosMo! With that new perspective, why do you feel Twitter benefits people?

@DerCarlosMo: @CHANELspeaks help people to know what is happening in the world, in many aspects as politic, economy, gossip, etc..

@CHANELspeaks: Last question: @, what was your strategy to gain the followers you have?

@DerCarlosMo: @ i didn't had a strategy, people who know me r followin me n i'm glad to have followers around the world, but a good pic helps

Glad we were able to end on a funny note for the interview! He gave some helpful quick tips to keep in mind! Aside from not having a specific strategy, we basically approached Twitter the same way.

Be sure to follow both him and I on Twitter to learn more about us or see what we have to say.


  1. Great post--so awesome to see you're doing well with your new Twitter account! I'm still trying to get Twitter down. I too created it for PR class this semester, so I haven't had too long to brand myself yet. Hopefully, I'll be able to establish a nice Twitter network before long.

  2. It's so great that you became so interested in twitter and were able to take hold of a good presence! I just can't get into it, only for the information from news posts, I guess I don't have much to say.