Apr 17, 2011

ENGAGE in the Human Network

As usual my posts on Brian Solis' Engage are to engage my readers on what engaged me (funny?).

What caught my attention this time was  "human network".  Solis states that the "human network" is what allows everyone to basically connect to one another by linking across social media networks.  Reading this couldn't let me help but think of the video about 6 Degrees of Separation. Somehow we can all connect to one another. Who cares? Well you should. As I have stated oh so many times, my Personal Learning Project for my Social Media for PR class centers on Personal Branding on Twitter.  In order to get myself out there, gain more followers, credibility, and etc., I need to up my engagement within the Twitter community. 
I always believe that is easier said than done because I am the type of person that likes when people come to me, not the other way around.  However, what I am slowly realizing is that it truly is crucial that my engagement within the community will actually bring nothing but more knowledge to me as well as possibly more credibility in the form of many followers for my celebrity news tweets. Once I have engaged in other peoples' interests, conversations, tweets, what have you, they will most likely engage with me. 

This means that connections will be formed and the human network is able to be established.

Pretty neat, a bit repetitive, but maybe this is for my own good so I can finally be knocked into some sense that I need to be as "vocal" as possible within the Twitter community.

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