Jan 30, 2011

PR disasters & how we benefit from them

I'm not gonna lie to you....I always find it interesting how a celebrity of some sort manages to get in some kind of scandal and how quick (or slow) they or their PR people are to bounce them right back.

I stumbled upon this website called  Celebrity: PR Disasters
& while it may seem like a bad thing that I like to read about PR disasters I want everyone to think of it more as PRactice.
We can definitely learn from mistakes---they just don't have to always be our own!

A post I remember reading from last year on
Tiger Woods' Comeback Nike Commerical he made after the big scandal of how he cheated on his wife with so many different women.

Tiger Woods In Nike Commercial
It has Woods' staring straight into the camera (as if he's staring right at you) in black & white, while a voice-over of his deceased father plays in the background basically scolding him from the trouble he has caused. Of course Wood's father wasn't talking about the fact that Tiger is actually a Cheater but instead of how he was disappointed in him & how he knows he hopes he can bounce back.

Whether people loved or hated the commercial and were able to accept it as a sincere apology was questioned heavily by the viewers, but it fulfilled Nike's bad PR solution by doing one thing: making it something that was going to be talked about by everyone! Not sure I would file this under "Success" for the PR peeps over at Nike but I will say the commercial did make over 3 million hits on YouTube...good or bad for Woods?....its up to you.