Apr 6, 2011


For my Social Media for PR Class, we were in charge of coming up with our own Personal Learning Network. We were to take social media tools and further our knowledge in them by working with the tools and using them to our own learning benefits. I decided my PLN would be based on Personal Branding on Twitter. This would mean I would create a Twitter account, work to become known as a reliable source of celebrity news in hopes of gaining 100+ followers (by April 18th, I'm currently at 73), all to hopefully one day be able to put on my resume my efficiency in Twitter with my focus of entertainment news.

In Chapter 12 of Brian Solis' Engage, Branding is the focus of the chapter. With the goal of my PLN project being Personal Branding, I found I was able to gain some helpful information for my project on this particular chapter even though I'm not branding a company but instead myself.
The first section titled "Establishing an Online Presence and Defining the Brand Persona" helped me realize ways that would help organize my Twitter persona, @CHANELspeaks. It's easy for anybody to just create an account so if I want to stand out from all the other fishes in this big, vast, social media sea, then I need to consider the following factors; what am I trying to accomplish, how do I want to be viewed by my followers, what makes me a good spokesperson for my news, and how can I appeal to people.

As Mr. Solis has stated, online profiles speaks volumes about you and your brand. I want my personal branding on Twitter to have its own characteristics because everything from my username, background, news, engagement with other fellow Tweeters and more will be under scrutiny of the public.

 There are so many different factors into becoming successful now. You can't just want something, you have to have everything else to carefully back and project it. I used to hate Twitter but my PLN project, class, Engage, and my own explorations have led to my growing love for this social media tool. I love tweeting now and the fact that I'm trying to find out the perfect formula to personally branding on Twitter 

To end this post, I'd like to state that if my blog posts have interested you or if you love celebrity news or even if you just want to see what else I have to say then follow me @CHANELspeaks

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