Apr 3, 2011

An Angel may lose her wings

Ah, Victoria's Secret...with the land of unmentionables promoted by some of the best looking "Angels" in the world.

Let's be honest; when we think of Victoria's Secret we think of the pretty models who were solely picked for their jobs because, well, they're pretty and have a great body. Their whole contracts are based on those things because of the image Victoria's Secret firmly believes in; healthy and sexy.

Victoria's Secret Angel, Candice Swaneopel
22 year old VS Angel, Candice Swaneopel, has recently caused a media buzz because she's not upholding the VS image. When it gets right down to it, it's also clearly a health issue! This is clearly dangerous for her and doesn't promote a good image for the company that is all for being comfortable in your skin and not promoting stick thin girls that won't even appeal to the majority of America!

With the media always seeming to promote that beauty only comes in the form of stick thin girls, its hard for girls to imagine being any other way, because if you are, then you're not "pretty".

I call BS on that one. I think beauty comes in all forms and that Victoria's Secret is one of the rather healthy ones. They don't want that sickly skinny girl promoting their stuff....they want healthy women embracing their curves to have that role.  If they are to leave Swaneopel as is, their image will become ruined, and will come under fire by the public for the unhealthiness VS would be "promoting". It makes much more sense to help the girl and save their image all at once.

In Swaneopel's defense, she claims that because of the busy life of a successful model, the traveling has really taken a toll on her and her body. Swaneopel says that with all of the traveling a model has to go through, it can really be stressful, but she still eats and loves boxing. Apparently her metabolism and stress are to blame for the Angel's new barely there figure....but the public doesn't seem to be buying it.
As we all know the public has the power to control a company, and in this case, VS is definitly taking it all into consideration.

This Angel could possibly lose her wings/contract with Victoria's Secret unless she makes some changes.  An insider reports that the company would like her to gain up to 15 pounds or even be at her once curvy figure again. No final word has been given on whether or not the talk will turn to action.

Now & Then

Candice Swaneopel has released a statement claiming she is "healthy and happy" and is appreciative of how much the public cares for her. Is this the clever PR person talking inside her? I don't see anything healthy about that, but that's just my opinion.


  1. I agree, I think that if an endless number of women are going to be looking at her and her body her lack of "meat on her bones" as my mom says is not only unhealthy for her but also for all the onlooking eyes that might see it as something to aim for. Not to mention that this particular Angel is going to be in the next Transformers movie, if I'm not mistaken? That is a lot of media attention and it is going to make a big impact if she stays so thin!

  2. • Victoria Secret models always make me feel like I need to stop eating already! Candice Swaneopel doesn't have that perfect body all the other Angels have she looks very unhealthy. I think that by pulling her out of modeling to work on her recovery and her health would be the best move Victoria's Secret can do at this point. Not only is she ruining the companies imagine but she is making an unhealthy and unattractive decision for herself. It’s important to me that she gets help. It is obvious Swaneopel is not telling the truth wit the excuses she has given. Hearing about eating disorders in the modeling business is no surprise and no one with an eating disorder immediately admits to it, especially to the entire world!

  3. @Alex: The girl you are thinking of for the role in Transformers is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (also a VS Angel. Yes, it is unhealthy for to be at that weight state when her job is all about having the "meat on bones" look!
    @Sarah: Right? Their bodies are already perfect, why would they feel the need to get sickly skinny? Especially when there is NO pressure from their bosses regarding their weight! VS isn't to blame, but the model herself.

  4. Yea this is a personal issue and business issue. Should they uphold the contract and help her get to "healthy" figure? or Should they release her and hope she gets to "healthy" figure? Companies are faced with predicaments similar to this all the time (not health or weight but who does the product benefit, good or bad) Maybe these situations will put the other situations in contexts to where other companies can reliably and responsibly make a decision.

  5. Hello! Are you mostly an active online visitor or you are more into face to face communication?

  6. It's not just only a matter of opinion, or PR issues... I think some kind of statements are just trying to make a fool of us!

    I totally agree with you.