Sep 6, 2012

Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's Life in Ruins

As some of you may have heard--whether you watch Celebrity news stations or Sports news stations---of Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson and his life-changing weekend he (and even his wife, Evelyn Lozada) have been experiencing.

[Brief background] For those of you who don't know, Chad Johnson is famous first and foremost for his skills on the football field. His wife, Evelyn Lozada was on VH1's Basketball Wives as she had been married to NBA player Antoine Walker for 10 years before they divorced. She began dating Chad Johnson later on and their relationship was shown on the TV show. I didn't watch the show, but from what I heard the couple was very loveable together--so much so that VH1 offered the couple their own spinoff called "Eve & Ocho" and was set to premier on September 3, 2012.  The couple married on July 4, 2012 in Saint Martin, but what was to come for the couple was something I don't think anyone predicted.

Fast-forward to August 11th: Evelyn Lozada found a Walgreen's receipt that showed her hubby had purchased condoms---but they weren't used with her. This led to an argument, which then escalated into Johnson head-butting his wife, leaving her with a 3 inch laceration on her forehead. She was taken to the hospital and is fine in terms of the injury.

As for Mr. Johnson's stupid actions, of course the consequences starting appearing rapidly. Not only was he dropped from the Miami Dolphins, he was removed from "Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins", VH1 pulled the plug on "Eve & Ocho", and his wife is now filing for divorce after 41 days of marriage.

He was the reason for his own fall and I don't feel sorry for him. In my opinion, I think everything he "lost" is all justified. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for violence against women (or anyone for that matter). She's lucky it stopped at that and didn't escalate into something even worse.

I was on Twitter the other day and #OchoThatHoe was a Twitter Trend and I could not have been more pissed. How are people turning this situation into a joke? Domestic abuse isn't a joke. There's such a lack of respect for the party that suffered---and is still suffering---from this whole ordeal. You don't have to go through domestic abuse/know someone who has gone through it to know it's not a joking matter!! Plain and simple.

This isn't something people need to make light of. I firmly believe that Mr. Johnson has everything coming to him that he deserves. For the people who think that Mr. Johnson's consequences are overboard, I could not disagree more.  Hopefully this will make many men think twice before even hurting their loved ones. Nothing ever justifies domestic abuse. I understand this was his first time "being in trouble with the law" or inflicting some sort of abuse on anyone for that matter----but that 1 situation is just 1 too many. This is something we have to be tough on.

My thoughts and prayers are with Evelyn Lozada and anyone who has gone through domestic abuse/know someone who has. Anyone currently in an abusive relationship, please find the strength to get out while you can, there is no reason for abuse to be justified.

Sorry this post was long, but this was something I just HAD to say something about.

-Chanel T.

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