Feb 13, 2011

What's so delicious about Delicious?

I like to think of myself as a "tech-savy" type of person and that I know what there is to know out there in the internet.
However, my Social Media for PR class has taught me that I'm not a know-it-all when it comes to social media tools. That there are tools out there that can make my life a whole lot easier then I ever could have imagined it to be.

Delicious is a wonderful example of a social media tool invention that can be used for a multitude of things on the internet. This website is a "social bookmarking service" which means it allows users to store, share, and even discover other users' bookmarks on their websites! For those who don't understand what a "bookmark" is, it's basically does what a bookmark does for a book, saves the spot where you were so you can come back to it at another time. "Bookmarking" on the internet is the same concept and with Delicious making it easy for users to come back to spots they were at on the internet!

Such a wonderful tool right? Kind of makes you want to use it next time you plan on bookmarking a website, looking for other similar bookmarks, or even sharing your own to others right? Well it's actually being bought by Yahoo and according to the Read Write Web website, it will end up being sold by the major company. Why must all good things come to an end? The answer: money. In my opinion, a tool like this will or probably already has been re-incarnated.

Delicious had a lot of things it offered users which made it so delicious to people who wanted to be tech-savy and even make their lives easier.
I can only wonder what tool will be created next that will make my life on the internet a whole lot easier........


  1. I think once Delicious is sold to a different company and given a new home, everything will work out. The site has a strong supportive following. I'm sure the site will be around for a while, especially with how influential it has been to other sites such as StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Digg.
    I do wonder what would happen if Yahoo decided to pull the plug on the site without selling it...What effects would that have on the world of social media?

  2. I think it’s the easiest tool available and it will stay. I also like delicious when it's impossible to find a site. One of other things I really like about delicious is that you can see what others have bookmarked. It makes it a very enjoyable social experience.