Feb 13, 2011

How to get "Likes" on your Facebook Business Page

Facebook’s understanding of not wanting to be a "fad of the moment" website has led them to constantly update the social media tool.From Profile view changes, to endless security options, I thought Facebook did about everything they could but then came the “Like” button. The “Like” button gave users the option to give a virtual thumbs-up to a photo, comment, or status someone left as a funny way to let people know what they posted was “Liked” by somebody. Before I knew it, companies and celebrities left and right were creating pages for themselves to be represented on Facebook in hopes of catching some attention from users. Pages started featuring “like” buttons that the Facebooker would have to click on in order to leave comments on the page.

But how do you get Facebookers to “like” your page unless they do some investigative research for it, fueled by their own curiosity? My own Yahoo & David Beckham example is the answer to this very question.

I have “David Beckham” listed as one of my “Interests” on Facebook and since marketers and companies are now able to tell what you like and are able to advertise something of your own interest to you, I see ads all the time about David Beckham. The first thing I noticed on my sidebar last year was “Win a Chance to meet David Beckham!”--& since I am convinced I will meet my beloved soccer player, I clicked on the ad in hopes to being that much closer to my dream. Right away I read the about the contest and was left with one clear understanding; all I had to do was “Like” the page and I was entered to win a chance to meet Mr. Beckham. I thought it was way too easy but “liked” the page anyways.

No, I didn’t win the chance to meet Becks, but Yahoo got me to “Like” them even though never in a million years would I have done such a thing. To this very day I “like” Yahoo---even though they conned me into “Liking” their page.
The more people “Like” your business page, the better you are perceived to other onlookers. In this case, Yahoo just wanted a creative way to gain “Likers” and did so by coming up with a creative way to get peoples’ attention and look popular on Facebook because appearances are everything. I thought it was all about David Beckham, but really the “like” was all for Yahoo. Well done Yahoo, well done.

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