Mar 28, 2011

Tennis Made Sexy by Serena Williams

I've been playing tennis for many years now but have only played the Top Spin tennis video game probably once my entire life.

For those of you who don't know what Top Spin is, it's a video game that hosts both men's and women's pro-athletes in the game and lets you play against them as your own character or as another pro. Of course, all you do is play tennis matches on the game, but it is pretty fun if you are into tennis and like video games.

Sounds bland? To those who don't play tennis, that's most likely the case. I'm thinking that with that thought in mind, Top Spin decided to take things up a notch--or maybe even too high up a notch? Their most recent commercial for Top Spin 4 was actually banned from TV---really?  Who would've thought a tennis video game advertisement could be considered racy? The "sexy" advertisement led to the banning of it on TV and when something is banned on TV you can almost bet it'll end up somewhere on YouTube, and sure enough I found the commercial.

When I was watching this, all I could think of was "why?"---I mean c'mon was it really necessary for those outfits to be used for that commercial? It's not relevant whatsoever, but is trying to pull the old "sex sells," bit in hopes that Top Spin 4 will appeal to not just tennis players effective in gaining everyone else (or in particular guys who think they'll be seeing those kind of outfits on the avatars of the game).

I can't help but wonder if they really thought the commercial would help reap in sales or if they just knew it would be banned and thus leading more people to actually go and check out the advertisement to see what the fuss is about. As of right now it has 21, 942 views and counting---not to mention the demographic of people watching it: males ranging from ages 25-54. In all fairness, that's the demographic that will buy the video game so if anything the advertisement has done it's job.

I personally think if it wasn't for the "butt-shots" it wouldn't be so racy and maybe even prevented it from being banned on TV. I will also say even though I was confused as to why Top Spin 4 went about this route, it's actually kinda funny to me. I first heard about this commercial through my brother, who is also a tennis player, and he even said the commercial was racy and weird. (I'm so proud!)
However, I also have to say how is it any different from the Victoria's Secret ads? (Devil's Advocate much?)

No matter what the motive is behind an advertisement, everyone understands the goal is to the get a buzz going. However, does this ring true with, "not all publicity is good publicity" ? Join everyone else and judge away.

Mar 6, 2011

How Viral Videos can Make or Break you

Fashion designer, John Galliano
It's only natural that at times, we don't think before we speak. Even though we like to think we give ourselves a moment or two to gather our thoughts---sometimes that bit of time passes us by.

In recent fashion news, John Galliano, a designer for the high-end french label, Dior, was exploited in a video drunk, making anti-Semitic comments and saying how he loved Hitler. (You can see the video as in the link below)

Naturally, when a celebrity does something out of line and it is caught on video or pictures, it is set in stone that it will become viral.
Because of that video, Dior ultimately fired Galliano and he will be facing charges that could lead, if found guilty, to 6 months in prison & a hefty fine of about $30,000 (in American form).
But say that video hadn't leaked---sure it happened, but the video never hit the internet or any other form of media. Would Galliano still be with Dior today? I think yes.

Image is everything, especially when you are in the eye of the public. As I have previously ranted in my other posts, it seems like people are just waiting to catch a star at their worst moment and then claim them to be a terrible person over all.
If we look at John Galliano, pre-video leak, we would only know him for his wonderful work as a designer. He's dressed everyone from Princess Diana to Heidi Klum, was named "one of the most influential gay people in Britian" in 2007, and in 2009, was admitted to the French Legion of Honour (which is the highest honor in France).
He's done work for years & just because of 1 viral video, he lost his job. It broke the designer.

Of course I'd like to take the time to also say this happened rightfully so. If Dior had kept him, I think that would have given the PR crew a major headache and the brand would've become tarnished real fast and would've eventually led him to be fired anyways. He also has a history of abusing alcohol which I think majorly hurt him since he was drunk when the video was made.

In terms of viral videos "making a person", Justin Bieber is a prime example of such a thing. Videos of him on Youtube playing instruments and singing led to big-time artist/producer, Usher, giving the boy a contract. Look at him now---he's famous, all the girls want him, he's probably even the youngest child artist to have made it so big so quick.

So next time, think before you speak & think before you do, because you never know if it might end up viral. && as we all know, once it's on the internet, it never exactly is "erased". On the note of viral, Saturday Night Live, SNL, did a skit encasing the most hated people at the moment, and you can guess who's on it....

A lot has happened since I last blogged about John Galliano's drunk viral video where he insulted the Jewish community.  I did a pipe to feed me some news revolving around the incident to see if I could catch some new news or even news I didn't catch before. 

So what's happened with Mr. Galliano?

Well not only did Galliano get fired from Dior but also his very own label!  Ouch.  I also previously mentioned that John Galliano has had a problem with alcohol abuse in the past and that this was a representation of a ghost that returned to haunt him.  Instead of being at Paris Fashion Week (which is a REALLY big deal amongst fashionistas everywhere), Galliano was at the Meadows Rehabilitation facility in Arizona.  It is the very same rehab facility that Sir Elton John and Donatella Versace had once checked into so its had some celebrity clientele.  It was said that Galliano was deeply upset he had to miss Paris' fashion week, especially his own show, and felt that everything he has created during his fashion empire reign, was going to get washed away from him. 
I do feel sorry for Mr. Galliano because he's in this position where he has ruined his own fashion name because he gave into a weakness of his that he's been trying to avoid for years.  However, at the same time, he is a grown man, a 50 year old grown man, and if he cannot control what he does or what he says, then he shouldn't be in the public view. 
How is everyone in our world supposed to get along and accept one another for their differences, whether its looks, culture, or anything else, when the people we admire and that are in the public view can't be supportive of that movement?

My thoughts are with Mr. Galliano, but they are a mixture of disappointment and disgust.